About Us

Who we are?

VDelegate is a professional IT solution provider founded in 2013. Our development team is experienced in developing mobile apps, social apps, websites and web systems. With our professional services, we aim to deliver robust, qualified & innovative IT solutions to our clients.

Our passionate colleagues provide professional service to bring your idea into reality.

Obsolete technologies cannot satisfy the sophisticate standards of website and desire of social networking. A professional, creative and authentic website development team is your only choice. Our proprietary templates reduces the time of development cycle and give you the standard website solution. We have also provided the customization services to adopt case-by-case requirements.

Our goals

  • To promote IT to all walks of life
  • To make good use of IT and promote the quality of life
  • To keep close to the rapidly changing and growing information technology
  • To promote entrepreneurship with cooperating with starters
  • To design and build our own apps and system to change the world in some way

What we do

To make the abstract idea become real, our team is energetic and well-equipped . We are experienced in developing Facebook application, mobile application, responsive web page development and other software for years. The most sophisticated technology will be our preferences, to provide the most advanced, efficient and cost-saving solution to resolve the problems in the reality.