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App Alarm


With AppAlarm, you would not miss any game event anymore. Just set an alarm for the event and AppAlarm would send a notification to you!!!

== Alarm ringing ==
Just tap on the notification, AppAlarm would guide you to your destination application or website.

== Customizable theme color ==

== FAQ ==

1. What can I do if the app I used is not included by AppAlarm? Ans: If the app is free, just send us a request to our Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/App-Alarm/579987405430000

2. Is there any return policy? Ans: Sorry, we don't provide any return policy. However, we would keep improving AppAlarm and you would find that it is worth to pay.

3. What is the future plan for AppAlarm Ans: We would add more actions right after receiving notification. There are some apps supporting open url, we would study in those popular apps and provide you a smarter actions.